Progressive Reforms Of Women During The 1920's

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During the progressive era, there were many organization’s that arose to better the American society. Two Progressive reforms that sought to help women were the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, and the Women Suffrage Association. The Women’s Christian Temperance Union or WCTU was founded in November 1874 in Cleveland, Ohio by Frances Willard and Annie Turner Wittenmeyer. This organization's purpose was to educate people about the dangers of alcohol, and eventually prohibit alcohol distribution in America. The Women’s Suffrage Association was founded in New York City in 1869 by Women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. This organization’s purpose was to gain women all across the United States the right to vote.…show more content…
The main purpose of prohibition was to lead people back to their traditional clean lifestyle. Although this was meant to help people, many individuals believed that prohibiting alcohol was unjust, so they took it upon themselves to take the selling of alcohol underground. Liquor was now sold in speakeasy's, or secret bars. The speakeasy’s were given their name, because the illegal drinkers would speak softly so that they would avoid alerting neighbors or the police. Due to the fact that alcohol was illegal and these speakeasy’s couldn’t get their alcohol from a brewery, they attained their alcohol from bootleggers. These bootleggers would make the alcohol themselves, or buy it from others who made it themselves, which caused many people who would drink the alcohol to become sick. Although this may have affected people, the money made from the illegal business was good, and it attracted many gangsters as well as…show more content…
They did this not only by working to prohibit alcohol, but they also worked to help get women the right to vote. In the beginning women came together as one group to fight for the cause. They believed that, because they were able to do everything a man was able to do, they should be given the right to choose who runs the country they live in. Although the women agreed on this, they began to disagree when African American men were given the right to vote over women. This split up the association into two groups, that later on got back together, so that their cause would stay strong and not die out. The Women’s Suffrage Movement was indeed succesful, because until this day, women are allowed to vote. Hillary Clinton also proves that the Women’s Suffrage Movement was succesful, by partaking in the run for president, an “activity” that was previoulsy populated by men. Hillary as well is working to gain women rights, the right to have equal pay. Today in America women are paid less, while men are paid more for doing the same jobs. The fact doesn’t sit well with many who believe that if two people are doing the same jobs, and putting in the same hours, they should be paid the same amount. These two reform groups helped woman to gain rights, and their work continues to be shown throughout American
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