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Between 1880 and 1910 progressivism was the improvements and progress of the United States of America by the expansion of democracy and achieving economic and social fairness. During that period of time progressivism was an opportunity for the government to create reforms at national and international measures. Such as: Child Labor Law of 1887 and the prohibition. The strength of progressivism came from farmers, politicians, and middle class workers. Progressivism is truly how the government regulated, got involved, and changed aspects to improve the country. The progress differed in the ways of intervening and reform. For instance, the well-known idea “antimonopoly” which appealed to a lot. “Antimonopoly” was the fear of concentrated power, …show more content…

This ban helped improve the workers lives because they did not have to spend money they did not necessarily have on drinking. Additionally, this law improved women’s lives because they did not have to worry about drunk husbands who are not contributing to the family. Moreover, the prohibition lowered the crime rate and created a better family structure. Nevertheless, certain places sold alcohol secretly. For instance, in document F two chickens represents the Republican and Democratic parties, and both are fighting over the prohibition concept. Meanwhile a fox represents the bars that careless and sold alcohol secretly. The Fox careless because it acknowledges the fact that people enjoy consuming alcohol and they will go to bars to drink. “No matter which wins, my dinner is safe.” (Document F) Regardless of which party will win those places will make a profit by selling alcohol privately. The Progressive era was for the most part successful, because it succeeded in supplying welfare programs to those in need. Nonetheless, it did not necessarily address all races. Moreover, African Americans were not very involved in the movement. In essence, during the time of the movement, it was acceptable to discriminate, Therefore, Progressivism was not hundred percent successful. Progressive did not address race, however, African Americans did. For example, Du Bois explained, “Is it possible, that millions of men can make effective progress… exceptional men?” (Document

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