Progressivism Era Research Paper

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Dear Aunt Bessie, Out of all your family members you have decided to choose me to get the one million dollars but I was stunned and nervous of this big task you have held upon me. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to help the world.The Progressivism era started in 1900 's. The Progressivism started after a little war with Spain in 1900 's. The muckrakers did a wonderful job reveling the secrets of the progressive era. After analyzing the Progressivism era I decided to give food safety $600,000, child Labor $300,000, and last but not least deforestation with $100,000. Food safety will get your $600,000 because if there was no food inspectors then the food would be rat poop, spit, and dead rats in the meat. Since I 'm giving my $600,000 to food safety they can…show more content…
Another thing is that if they inspect better they can fire the people that are just spitting and dropping the food.The employees would have to pee in the corner of the Room and they would have no paper and no soap to wash their Hands. When I give them the money the food safety inspectors can buy better equipment to search the food better. Child labor is getting your $300,000 because children are going to work instead of school because their families don 't have enough money. Children have to work in dangerous jobs to get money. An examples child labor is the children working the tobacco field were they have to were trash bags to protect themselves. Another one are kids working in the coal mines were they get all dirty and a lot of their backs hurt because they have bend down the entire time. Child labor is a cruel and bad thing to do because in some states there are laws about it and you could go to jail so it is better that you don 't do it. The only reason that I chose this one to get $300,000 instead of $600,000 because the food is something that we need and with out the food safety then no one would know about it. They would have to keep all the exits clear give clean water and have bathroom
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