Progressivism In The Progressive Era

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The progressive era was marked by young men and women taking steps to take down the corrupt government in the United States. These “Reformers” were from all walks of life. Whether they were young, old, poor, wealthy, Democrat, or Republican, it did not matter. They were all striving for the same goal. Progression. They yearned for a specific lifestyle. The first question that many readers may have is, who were the Progressivists? They were people who wanted to face social issues. Including, poverty, violence, racism and class. In the article written by Joseph Huthmacher, the evidence of who they were is supplied. He states “ The great majority of reformers came from the ‘solid middle class’[...]” 1 The middle class included those in Urban areas, women, immigrants, and people who were part of the Protestant and Anglo-Saxon religions. In this cooperation of reformers, (including the lower and middle class), they were many urban workers all had different views. The lower class was the result of a “melting pot”. Although it is applied, it is rarely discussed that not all of the of the middle and lower classes took part in this reformation. One group of people are undermined in the discussion of the reform are women. In Chicago, in the city club, there were 909 women that took part in planning and constructing a better city. This was not just in Chicago, but all over the United States. Women were a minority, but still stood for what they believed in and fought right beside men
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