Progressivism: Philosophical Perspectives In Education

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Assignment topic; Progressivism

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Submitted Date; April 19, 2016

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Subject; Philosophical Perspectives in Education

Semester; 1st (M.Phil. Education)

Institute Of Education

University Of Azad Jammu & Kashmir
Pragmatic Roots:
Progressivism is derived from the older philosophy of pragmatism. It was grounded on John Dewey 's educational theory “pragmatism”. Most progressives are committed to change and progress in our society. They feel that change is inevitable and that we should therefore learn how to manage it. Most progressives feel that
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1. John Dewey:
John Dewey was one of the major advocates of the philosophy of progressivism. It was established in the 1920s in the United States of America. It notes that the child should be the centre of our planning in education. In order for children to benefit from education it should be related to their needs. The children should be permitted to discover answers to problems through their interaction with the physical and social environment. Such an approach is seen as developing thinking and problem solving skills in children.
According to Dewey knowledge is a social construct and the duty of teachers and society is to help children construct their own learning. The teacher is therefore a member of the community who should support in the development of the child without being authoritarian. The curriculum should reflect the values of society and these should be continuously developed. Dewey was therefore concerned with participatory
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Education should change to face the time pace and conditions in all the time and should be related with the interest of the child and always stress on the interest of the child. Education is always in the process of development. So the involvement of the child is essential in education process. Without the satisfaction of child’s desire, there is not possibility of child’s growth. Progressivists believe that education should be able to develop the new values in the society for child because education for the formation of new values. Without the development of new values, education will remain always autonomous and useless. Education is not the preparation of life but it is life itself. Progressivists give more importance to the values of life rather the aims of education. Thus they think education and life are similar. Giving education means to make the life successful. It is the give and take which should be mediated by

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