Prohibition And Gangsters Essay

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Era of Prohibition and Gangsters

Prohibition was a period of time of American history during which alcohol was banned. Lasting from 1920-1933, this era influenced America to become dry. The federal government banned alcohol due to the problem of domestic violence, which caused many men to physically beat their wives. This violence was a major factor in why alcohol was banned in the United States. Although prohibition was meant to make America safer, it led to increased bootlegging, more illegal bars, and organized crime (Prohibition and the American Gangster: Discovery Education). Prohibition started the gangster era which led to gang-warfare and crooked police making the United States corrupted (Behr 177). There were many important
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After the 18th amendment, the Volstead Act was passed by Congress which started Prohibition on January 17, 1920. After the 18th amendment and the Volstead Act was passed, America wasn’t the same (Kyvig Prohibition). Temperance became one of the reason to the grow of the women’s movement. Temperance movements were typically the chastise of alcohol consumption, this influenced women to join the movement and protest to have no alcohol at all. The government found themselves in bigger problems, not just in relations to alcoholic beverages, but with gangsters, protests, riots, and many other violent acts (Prohibition and the American Gangster: Discovery Education). Throughout the Prohibition Era many people weren’t going to let go of alcohol that easy which sparked the beginning of speakeasies during the 1920s. Speakeasies were very popular and common during this period of time and they were often secret places where people can enjoy a glass of wine or alcohol. In places like the 21 club which was a secret speakeasy where many people would go and drink alcohol. The 21 club is located in New York and it was the highlight of the Prohibition Era. Many people would go to the 21 club to have fun and drink
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