Prohibition In The 1920's

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1) What were the challenges to attempted enforcement of Prohibition? How were they similar/different to the general challenges of law enforcement at the time? The challenges of enforcing the prohibition law were vast do to several reasons. One of many challenges was that the court was divided, federal courts wanted tougher sentencing, but state courts delivered more lax sentencing (Rose, K. 1986, pg.292 & 293). There was also the problem of some police departments working with “bootleggers”, and allowing well-known businesses that sold alcohol to continue operating without any consequences (Rose, K. 1986, pg.292). The most challenging part of enforcing prohibition laws in the 1920’s was that the mass majority of the people were against it,…show more content…
Just as in the 1920’s we are also facing prohibition, and the same things that played out in the 1920’s have been occurring for years. Marijuana is federally illegal, but some states have already started to legalize it. There are also crime organizations that profit because of the prohibition of marijuana the same as the gangsters of the 1920’s did with the prohibition of alcohol. Prohibition is damned to fail when the majority of the country is against banning a substance, but the federal government still bans it. 2) What was the purpose of Prohibition? Which groups and areas generally supported the movement? Why? The purpose of prohibition was to decrease crime that was caused do to people being to intoxicated and causing fights and problems to those around them (Rose, K. 1986, pg.285). Those who supported prohibition tended to be natives and live in rural places, as well as protestant (Rose, K. 1986, pg.286). Many American born citizens thought that those against prohibition, those who drank alcohol, as well as “bootleggers” were all foreign born (Rose, K. 1986, pg.286). There were also those who thought that the “wettest” parts of the country were overpopulated by foreigners (Rose, K. 1986, pg.286). The reason why some supported prohibition was do to their religious view, such
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