Prohibition Temperance And Prohibition

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Destiny Taylor U.S. History 1302 Christopher Patke March 6, 2015 Temperance and Prohibition The temperance and prohibition movement of United States was one of the most prominent events in history. Temperance refers to helping people to moderate liquor use or abstain from drinking large amounts of liquor. Prohibition means to make it illegal to manufacture or even sell alcohol. The movement of prohibition was created in order to eliminate businesses that manufactured, distributed, and sold alcoholic beverages. [1] There has been many ideas as to why the prohibition was designed to reduce drinking, but I will only discuss a few. In my opinion, I am for the manufacturing, distribution, and retail of alcohol. In today’s world, alcohol is control with many rules and regulations. The retail of alcohol helps with social events, company parties, romantic dinners, etc. At this time, which is perhaps around the earlier part of twentieth century, brewers were most prosperous of the alcoholic beverage retail. German immigrants proved popular when they would bring beer to the United States. Around 1890, distilled spirits were introduced as the main source of the American alcoholic beverage. This also created changes in the American brewing industry. Americans retailed beer and whiskey. Often enough, brewers expanded the number of saloons to increase sales of the spirits. The amount of saloons that were established sky rocketed. Saloons were known to be there for every 150 to 200 or

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