Prohumanity In The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner is harsh, and much profanity is spoken including the f-word, b-tard, a--, d--n, h---, s--- and c--t. God's name is used in vain with forbidden way. It is somewhat forsaken in some parts of the world. Jesus has his name also taken in vain in the book. Assef's brutality showed when he was only a child. Amir is related to the various stories of his violence. For example, Assef once bit a boy's ear off. Also, he would hit Hassan in the head with a rock. Furthermore, he would beat other children with his brass knuckles. One experience in the book, Hassan aims his slingshot at Assef's eye in order to stop him from beating Amir. In this section, he describes the pain he felt being when circumcised at age ten. Later, Amir would
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