Project-Based Learning According To Trevor Muir's The Epic Classroom

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“The behavior of difficult-to-manage students can be improved through providing interesting lessons on topics of personal relevance that permit active involvement and lead to competencies students consider important” (Charles & Senter, 2005, p. 131). This statement summarizes perfectly the idea that when students are engaged and learning about topics that are meaningful to them, their world opens up and they begin to see a purpose in what they are doing. According to Trevor Muir, a teacher and author of The Epic Classroom, conflict can motivate students and develop a sense of curiosity (T. Muir, personal communication, February 20, 2018). When students are presented with a real world conflict, they become motivated to find a solution. Project-based learning, according to Muir, is the most effective way to motivate students to learn, and solve problems that are present in our world. In a blog post that he wrote titled, “Because of Project-Based Learning,” Muir explains that “They [students] don 't need the fear of punishment to stay on task, because staying on task means getting closer to solving this problem” (Muir, 2015). Difficult-to-control students, when presented with engaging lessons, will be so consumed by the problems that they are trying to solve, that the need to misbehave with dissipate. This is why as teachers, we should always strive to make lessons meaningful and engaging. Our students deserve to learn about topics that interests them. This is not to say that

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