Collaborative Project Management Methodology

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1.1 About project
Managers now find that they are frequently involved in projects so can being managed using a formalized and managed through project management methodology. Communications is an important part of such projects and if you are going to mange as a successful manager. It is essential for understanding of project management different terms, the way of processes and its procedures.
Collaborative project management is a form to used to plan, and coordinate, and control, and monitor distributed and complexity of projects. It helps the project teams to collaborate across departmental, corporate, and national worldwide and to highly growing project complexity.
1.1.1 Problem definition
Ever small product lifecycles
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• For the conventional project management systems the Proactive toolthat is assisted for communication and collaborative replacement of the rigid algorithms
• A central database that is provides current auniform planning information for the all project members who are working under the project– even between companies and across locations
• Clearly the responsibilities which are allocated and interfaces promote the transparency and the currency of information, thus they ensuring improved planning and the reliability quality
• Project management are defined by top-down planning framework by defining important milestones that are used and key data. Project members have to plan their work and the scopes independently, confirm that specified requirements that have been fulfilled, and assume that they taken direct responsibility for coordination with the help of other
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The manger or the user of this application can assign the tasks to the employee and the team members who are all working under the project so that we can easily complete the tasks that are assigned.
User Assignment: For the overall development of the project each of the user have to assign their respective tasks so that we can easily complete the project within the time .
Task Groups: In the management of the company the projects are assigned to the diffent teams under the leadership of one guidance so that we can easily manges the projects .
Task Types: In a big company the task that are assigned to each project is diffent for differet employee depending on the designation in the company according to theier knowledge and intellectual lskill of the employee who are all working in the
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