Project Cure Anthony Hao Analysis

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Project Cure
He walked into his professor’s room, with trembling hands and a heart that was beating twice as fast as it usually did. In search for the reason his professor asked for him, his mind came up with things far worse than the true reason. In short, he was nervous and frightened. Anthony Hao had always been an above average student. With his admirable determination and intelligence, when one looked at the whole class he was one of the best, if not the best medical student there. In addition he was his professor’s favorite student, Professor Morrison saw resemblance between Anthony and himself. However, the professor was aging and was planning on retiring soon.
There was something different about Anthony, he was not very strong, or
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Anthony went there and stayed for at least three years, studying the cause of the disease, and visiting the people that were the victims of this disease. It is important to keep in mind that Thrypomine disease can be spread from person to person and Anthony was in grave danger of catching this disease. But he, just like heroes, sacrificed his wellbeing for a greater good. Anthony had treated these studies as if they were the sole reason he existed at all. However Anthony caught the disease, he was an expert in this disease. He could observe the symptoms of it in himself. However, relentlessly he continued what he had sacrificed his life for. While he did continue his studies, every second he could feel himself dying, giving away to his greatest enemy. He had become the victim of what he was trying to protect other people from. It was shredding him to pieces, but he stood as if he represented the thousands who gave away to this disease, most determined now since he had a greater reason to find a cure for it. He tried everything, he just could not find it. One day as he was contemplating and thinking about Professor Morrison, his wise words, it hit him. What he sought for so long was right in front him, even Professor Morrison had mentioned it in one of his lectures. He could remember Professor Morrison’s words. The chemistry of the…show more content…
In his mind he kept saying that he had nothing to lose, to him death was a matter of time sooner or later it will come, either by the dragon or by the other beast who had already taken many lives. So he set on his own adventure with a gun. In the Indonesian islands he saw one, he went in shooting range and with his heart beating out of his chest, he shot at him, to make him go unconscious and give an opportunity for Anthony to take the venom. He did get him, but the monster would not give away so easily. Anthony followed him until it was the monster’s last seconds before collapsing, but before it went unconscious the dragon had an undone deed, to kill his slayer. Anthony was moving slowly, as he had been weakened by the disease. The monster, though dying he was, followed his victim. Due to his lack of expertise, Anthony underestimated the agility and so close it came to Anthony but it was right before it bit Anthony that it fell unconscious but alive. With meticulousness Anthony took a sample of the dragon’s blood and venom and immediately left for the nearest lab. Cleaning the dragon blood and separating it out to its parts, then mixing it with NaClUr (a mix that denatures the negative effects of venom) he reached the final elixir. Anthony took the huge risk and drank the potion that could either kill him or heal him. Anthony could feel it, he was getting better every single day. As if god had blew into him a new breath of life. As

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