Project Development Cycle

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As a result of rapid technological advancement, many organizations are demanded to develop and implement different projects towards the objectives of the organization. For these projects to be developed and implemented accordingly, the projects have to be divided into phases. There are four basic stages of project development life cycle. These are, initial phase, planning phase, execution phase and closure phase. As such, during project development and implementation, all the above phases need to be considered and ensured that proper planning is put in place for effective project development to be achieved. During the process of project development within an Information Technology organization, the above project development cycle need to…show more content…
This is timeline of the project from its design to the operational stage. For example, the team is required to allocate time to each development stage and ensures that all requirement and development of the project is done within the stipulated time. Provision of timeline is important in project development because it helps project management team to countercheck the progress of the development (Carr, 2009). At this stage the project planning team is mandated to consider labour required towards the development of the project. These will include number of managers, supervisors and workers needed for the project development based on the number of activities involves in the project development. Also in relation to labour are the equipment that are required towards the development of the proposed project. Project-planning team should also consider all the materials needed for the project to be…show more content…
This is the stage where the project plan from the plan phase is put into execution as found by. During project execution, it is important for the project management team to ensure that proper and effective communication is achieved among the workers of the project. It is through effective communication and relations that will help project management team to create teamwork within the organization. Teamwork will help project management team to perform various activities of the project effective and ensure project development is completed within the time allocation. Thus, effective downward, upwards and horizontal communication must be enforced during project development process. Moreover, Barron and Barron (2011) found that it is important for the organization, through the project management team to ensure that they provide continuous communications to the organizational shareholders and other bodies of the organization on the process of the
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