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Project Eden is a series of popular thriller mystery novels by renowned American novelist Brett Battles. The chief protagonist in these novels is Captain Daniel Ash introduced in the first novel in series, Sick. Sick is a resolute man who uses his specialized military skills to fight a group of people who desire to and have the means to end humanity who go by the name, Project Eden.

Daniel Ash and his family have been residents of the Baker Flats military base for a few weeks. There is a new war brewing in the country, just simmering under the surface threatening to explode at any moment. The Ash family and the other residents find themselves at the center of the horrible epidemic. Project Eden has chosen the Flats residents as their first Guinea pigs for their new deadly virus.

Sick, the first novel in the series opens with Daniel Ash waking up late in the night to cries coming from his daughter’s room. As he walks briskly down the hallway, he hopes that it is all but a nightmare and that his daughter would be back to sleep after a few comforting words from him. But this is a real nightmare – something is burning his daughter alive, and soon he finds that she is not the only family member infected.
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Daniel Ash and his team are following a series of clues that have led them to Everton Vermont. Just outside the city limits is an innocent looking building, though nothing could be further from the truth as this is the front gate to Dream Sky, the headquarters of Project Eden. They have been looking for the base for months and finally they may have a chance to wipe out the organization once and for all. To give themselves the best chance at success, various resistance movements around the globe have been surrounding Eden Project bases which they intend to attack simultaneously. These attacks will act a diversion that will draw attention away from the invasion at headquarters. Now that the headquarters has been located, will Ash and his team crush the Project?

Another brilliant novel in the series is the fifth novel, Eden Rising. With Sage Flu epidemic sweeping across the globe, a message is broadcast to the world supposedly from the United Nations Secretary General. But the thing is, the message of a newly discovered vaccine is not from the UN but from Project Eden. Not easily fooled, Daniel Ash is one of the very few skeptics with a plan to stop Project Eden’s
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