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“Community is about much more than belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter” –Brian Solis. Online social communities and blogs have become the rage of developing friendship and finding a sense of meaning in the busy world of life. Project Inspired is a blog for teen girls that is aimed to help young women be a person of voice and confidence with Christian values. Project Inspired does an excellent job at making their website appeal to the group of young teen girls and gives them a sense of community by giving them life advice, a place to reach out and talk to other girls, a design that appeals to the eye, and advertisements back what the company is talking about. Project Inspired has done a great job at reaching out to teen girls and showing them Christ love.
Project Inspired was started by model Nicole Weider in order to show girls after years in the modeling business what it is like to be unique and true to yourself and not fall into what the world tells young girls to grow up to be. It analyzes pop culture and show girls how to live authentically in the world around them. On Christian Life website Carey Lodge’s interviewed Weider and she said “She labels
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I would come and check this website daily for new blog posts and updates about life. On days I was feeling down I would often come on the website and search for topics I was dealing with. I felt a connection to this community because I often felt that the bloggers were speaking right to me and they knew what I needed to hear at the given moment. I loved that the PI community were a bunch of Christians and that they often would use bible verses to help you in tough times. I also liked that I was able to post questions in the online forums and gain responses to what I was struggling with or questions I had about the Bible. I was thankful to have felt like a member of PI during my teen

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