Leadership Styles In Project Management

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The research study provides an overview of specific leadership styles, which required for successful project delivery and what impact this will have. The research enables one to determine the perceptions of different leadership styles and forms within a project environment to formulate the role of leadership. The study also ascertains the effectiveness of people engagement and determines leadership styles, which would impact the delivery of successful projects.
It refers to sustainable leadership types, styles, skills levels and the impact that effective leadership has to identify what is required to secure efficient project outcomes. Leadership models are also highlighted to identify the right person for the right
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The focus of this work is to conduct a profound analysis of typical leadership styles and evaluate attributes that add value to the productivity levels for a project manager. Influences project success has not been fully explored nor has the techniques of effective leadership in the project environments primary major challenge is that projects continue to fail due to ineffective leadership. In this thesis, we have narrow down our focus, and we will analyze only those critical factors that contribute value to project success such as, leadership styles and competencies, as well as significant emotional, intellectual, managerial tools. Currently, there is very little information and limited understanding of the relations between leadership styles, project success. Therefore, this will be an essential point of our analysis and will be included as part of the survey to investigate further critical components required for project…show more content…
The study will entail a series of steps; first, the appropriate leadership styles will define, second, a very detail survey and questionnaire will be conducted to gather all applicable raw information. Third, conclusions will draw from the data collected and integrated with the literary theories to produce valuable facts and valuable the analysis that project managers can confidently apply in a real environment.

We will conduct statistical analysis to answer the research questions that presented in this thesis document. The target audiences will be primarily project managers, project engineers and another professional in the project management field. Although by no means is this study and information limited to those individuals in project management, the study applies to any professional involved in managing project resources and
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