Caring Angel Hospital Case Study

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Introduction As the chosen senior project consultant the task is to study the past and present business practices that Caring Angel Hospital embarked on which has now lead them to the current state of condition. From the three months of evaluation at the hospital the major problem was funding issue associated with the running of the hospital operation such as procurement of modernize equipment for diagnosis and other related issues cause by budget constraint. These discoveries focus more on poor leadership business practice where no one is accepting responsibility for its work performance as a result leading to poor motivation of other hospital employees. The main solution to Caring Angel Hospital issues is being able to adopt a risk assessment tool in project management to tackle the issue. There are several steps to consider such as planning on how to approach the risk. Implement strategy moving forward. Identify causes to the potential risk in the first place that occurred then document the results found and analyzing the risk occurrence by asking how likely this will impact the business. Determine a response by mitigating the risk. Monitor and control already noted risk by asking a question has the risk pass it tolerance threshold.
Improve the quality of care This quality service
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In adopting this management strategy, each employee can stand it for another roles and responsibility in the event of medical or family emergency may arise. It booster confidence in cross examination of each individual work rendered to the patient, accept constructive ideas coming from subordinates to increase production efficiency and quality care to patient. Set personal and professional goals when it comes to way each employee see themselves in future, what admiration are they looking for? Possibly how can they take over from their boss upon retirement from the hospital line of
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