Project Management Case Study: Poor Change Control Management

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Poor Change Control management. Failure to understanding impact changes and changes are constraint in Projects. Denver should have had a proper change management process that is robust enough to control changes. This could have eliminated the complexity introduced by various changes that took place on project

4. Why did United Airlines decided to act as the project manger for the baggage handling system on Concourse B?
In 1991, united airlines signed on to use Denver Airport as its second largest hub airport where she has the 1000 meters Concourse B situated north of the main terminal in DIA. But the airport initial project design did not incorporate an airport-wide baggage system and the airport expected the individual airlines to build
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The airport project management team and the BAE system were the only parties involved, but they are not the end user who will be affected by the project outcome and the decision made was not thorough and details which caused the subsequent failure. Likewise, the key stake-holders which are the individual airline operator who rented the space are the one could be impacted the most by the outcome of the new automated baggage system, and yet they were excluded out in the initial planning discussion and decision making. This was the big mistake made by the airport management team. Once the airline operators were finally asked for their opinions, major changes were brought up to the project team, such as, adding ski equipment racks, different handling for oversized luggage, and separate maintenance tracks for broken carts. The requests required major redesign on portions of the project. But these requests were not optional features for the airlines in the design, and the project team was forced to redo their…show more content…
BAE on the other hand had no experience in dealing with baggage handling systems. Automated baggage project was the first by the airport with such a big scale and complexity to change the way of how Denver airport handled the baggage. They are to “greedy’ and eager for the success, but instead, the final product fell short of everyone 's expectations. The best way to get big results is to first ensure you can create a successful prototype. Once the prototype works well, repeat the process on a larger scale, slowly scaling efforts until you reach the end goal. BAE Systems should have tested the new automated system in sections to make sure it would work before implementing it throughout the rest of the

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