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Etihad airways is National and one of the leading airlines in UAE. The company has started its operation in 2003 and become fastest growing airline in the history of aviation. The airline is created for the purpose of demonstrating best of Arabian hospitality, considerate culture and warmth. The organization goal is to become a market leader by continuously innovation and challenging conventional ways of hospitality in airline industry. The airline is famous for its proficiency and reliability in all over world. Etihad airways number of unique services offered which has earned a distinguished place for the airline in the market.
The success of any organization depends upon the integrated functions and policies laid down
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The project management is done by applying various tools and techniques with estimated time, scope, budget and performance. The success of any project will be derived on these the full utilization of human and mechanical resources. The role of project manager is very critical; he has to be very responsible in defining the task at every level, building effective team to perform efficiently with the scarce resources. There are certain rules in the whole process of project management, including the people working on a project should involve in the planning, secondly creating the deadlines of the project which means it has a starting and ending point, a budget, a clear definition of job to be performed. In managing the project six steps are to be followed for successful accomplishment, which consist of defining the problem, developing solution to the problem, planning the project, evaluating the project, executing the project, controlling and assessing and lastly closing the…show more content…
The initiative towards organizational change has brought a significant impact on the organization’s success. The flexible organizational structure can only develop when there is high concern for the employees and the bureaucratic structure is replaced with the laissez-faire. It is true that Etihad Airways achieve its long term organizational success through its employees. The organizational structure is based on the inverted organizational pyramid where top down structure was inverted. The employees were given power to lead themselves, their performance as well as the managers. The employees became the heart of the entire organization due to the positive organizational change. The organizational structure emphasize upon feedback and continuous improvement and innovation to achieve excellence in ever process. Moreover, effectiveness in the organizational structure is achieved through practicing radical transparency. Each and every manager and employees’ performance and actions are shared. This led towards equity and impartiality in terms of performance. Also the adoption of reverse accountability for corporate functions raised employees’ morale and engagement with the organization’s corporate

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