The Importance Of Project Management

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Project management is how project manager or team works to satisfy expectations of mainly stakeholders or costumers by using knowledge, experience and tools to complete project plan in the best way. Project management is essential in several ways. First of all, it improves productivity of team members, it is good for focusing on particular goals, and understanding project deeply, saves time, sometimes decreases spending and also decreases probability of failure of the projects. Project management compared to projects is short term so the project management ensures that companies within limited time and budget would have the best possible result. By improvement of technology, project management ‘s role in business improved essentially.

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The progress of technology strengthened role of the projects and consequently project management become the necessary part of the business. As it is shown in definition of the project management, project management tools make the projects more productive. When businesses started to know the practicality of project management they started to employ specialists in this area and on the other hand, one of the project management tool-project management software increased virtual communication among team members. In addition, as it is known time and money are scarce, project management allocates all the tasks among team members in a most efficient ways to achieve the goal. All in all, project management is useful for reaching the goals set by business…show more content…
Goals of time management are to increase productivity of an individual within specified time and complete all the requirements of project appropriately. If we look at time management separately and how it reflects each person’s potential, we could say it is almost about self-management. Furthermore, for managing it first of all project manager should prepare schedule of the projects. Then, he/she should forecast how much time project could take and determine how much resource the project requires. Planning occurs throughout the project management so project manager should observe what is done over and over and manage if there is critical path. Another objective of time management is to control project deadline or schedule if there is a possibility of the project dates not overlapping. Project team members should report schedule performance to the project manager and he/she should observe the data and determine reasons and impact of delayed tasks. On the other hand, other managements affects time management ‘s schedule so managers should control i.e. scope changes, calculate its impact on schedule and change the schedule if there is a

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