Project Management Maturity Model

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The key lesson learned from this article is the interview data obtained have shown the complexity of the companies project might be a determine factor regarding the “ideal” level of maturity. Other than that, there is a comparison of the findings of the case research with a secondary literature review on project complexity showed that particularly those facets of project complexity that affect the interaction of the project participants such as project team, client and suppliers. Therefore, this factor seem to require a certain level of maturity.
Research on PMMM
Research on PMMM (Project Management Maturity Models) made in any form organization such as companies, public administrations or NGOs who organize their business or parts of it in
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It’s also trying to summarize the cost of project management and benefit from it. According by Lappe and Spang (2013) found a number of correlations between certain cost and also the benefit dimensions, but their sample was limited to one company. However, the issue of data availability and data access, it generally seems to be very challenging to combine the benefits of a multi-facetted management approach such as project management into one…show more content…
So, the latest stream of research on the topic of project management maturity tried to reconsider the benefits that potentially accrue from a high maturity level. It was started early millennium and consist of two design are qualitative and qualitative.
The large PMI-funded study found that a organizations operating on higher levels of maturity were better able to create intangible values like transparency of the project management structures. There have positive effect of project manegement maturity on certain criteria of organizational performance such as new product success, sales growth and high level market share. A relationship between maturity and project performance very importance because this is criteria for the project success. The lowest maturity level in several PMMM are labeled “informal”, but the highest maturity level goes along with higher formalization of project management. So, several studies revealed both favorable effects such as improved organizational culture, increased transparency of organizational structures and improved customer

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