Project Management Methodologies

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Evaluation of Project Management Methodologies
Project Management Methodologies are a sequence of diverse procedures designed to support project managers and team members. The purpose of using these methodologies in project management is to complete the tasks involved in the project faster and with strategies in place to handle issues when they arise. It leads the team throughout the project and delivers steps to follow and targets to achieve during the project lifetime. Below analysed are some of the popular project management methodologies used by organizations:
This method tries to provide rapid, continuous delivery of product to the customers (PM Methodologies, n.d.). Unlike traditional methodologies such as the Waterfall, where the
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It is widely known and used in the private sector in the UK as well as internationally (PM Methodologies, n.d.). It is a process-based methodology for the planning, management and control of projects. This methodology has three elements, which come together to create the environment relevant for delivery of projects: processes, components and techniques. The processes are at the heart of the methodology and provide step-by-step guidance to managing projects. The methodology concentrates on what management activities should be undertaken and at which point in the project lifecycle they should be undertaken (PM Methodologies, n.d.). In most of the projects, the details of how these actions should be carried out are left to the experiences of the project manager and team. Key features of PRINCE2 are as…show more content…
As a result, all the projects of the organization can be conducted using the same process and decisions made by the appropriate personnel at the appropriate times throughout the project (Dolan, 2006). This consistency within each project and between projects provides a robust system, which can be implemented throughout an organization irrespective of the different teams members involved in projects. There by using PRINCE2 provides project team with a greater control of resources and the skill to cope with business and project risks more successfully (Dolan,
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