Project Management: Success Or Failure?

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Projects are different from programs. Projects are defined as endeavors that are taken in order to create specified results. Programs are ones that have ongoing process or are activities that are used to manage multiple projects together (Trelles-Duckett, n.d.). Projects have a timeframe in which they must be completed. In order to complete a project there must be a project management plan in place. Project management is defined as the application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experiences to attain the project objectives and requirements (Project Management Institute, 2013). This whole system of project management has many different groups of project management processes. All of these processes are classified into five…show more content…
This is where the company accepts the final project. An evaluation will be needed in order to highlight if the project was a success or failure (Project Insight, n.d.). If the project was unsuccessful, there will need to be information given about why it failed so that errors will not occur during the next project. As noted above, there are many different parts of project management. The scale, significance, and complexity of a project need to be considered when doing project management in order to determine how the project will be handled and what the development of the end product will be. The project manager is important in every aspect of a project. Project managers are the people appointed by the company to lead the project team and ensure that the project is attaining all objectives set. They are responsible for ensuring all the essentials of the project are fulfilled. This high level of responsibility means that project managers must ensure they have the necessary skills and abilities to perform the job better than anyone else. They must have the knowledge of project management, must be able to accomplish the project while applying his/her knowledge, and he/she must ensure they are acting like a professional during the project (Project Management Institute,…show more content…
They can be employees, managers, contractors, or even independent consultants that could eventually become program managers or portfolio managers (PMI, n.d.). Without project managers no project would be successful. The project manager is not the only one who is responsible for the success of a project. There are also three factors that need to be in place in order for the project to be deemed a success. Those three factors are cost, quality, and time.
The time the project takes to complete is a factor for success. Sometimes it is uncontrollable. The completion time of a project has different factors like the number of people working on the project, experience of the project team, skills of the team, etc. (Tutorialspoint, n.d.). Sometimes these factors can be controlled, however, many of the times it cannot.
The cost of a project is another factor for its success or failure. Ensuring there is a budget set at the beginning of the project will help safeguard that the project will be under or right at costs (Tutorialspoint, n.d.). Sometimes cost cannot be foreseen, but it needs to be looked at and set before the project even
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