Project Manager Role

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2.5 Project Manager
Pheng and Chuan (2005) claimed that a project manager is invaluable in any project. His or her participation and contribution in project is necessarily important towards the successful project. Project manager may be defined as “the individual or body with authority, accountability and responsibility for managing a project to achieve specific objectives” (BS 6079-2:2000).
As stated by Muller and Turner (2010), competent of project manager is essential for a project success. A project manager is like the conductor and if he or she does not competent in solving the problem, the project may face problem such as delay and difficult to move forward (Toor & Ogunlana, 2009).
Marion, Richardson and Earnhardt (2014) remarked that
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Therefore, the role of project managers is important because they are persons who are responsible for the success of project (Sunindijo, Hadikusumo & Ogunlana, 2007). People may see project manager’s characters not really important in overall project progress but it may decide the result of the end performance in that project.
The roles of project managers are necessary for organizational success as they allocate and distribute the resources required for a project, look overall process and take responsibility in leading to successful project (Afndy, 2013). Therefore, in developing a good project manager, there are important steps either to know what he or she can do, what skills can he or she performed and their career path in order to cope any problem and accomplish the aim of the project (El-Sabaa,
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The totality working experience of project manager can lead to a new level of the process management either to application for the individuals engaged in it or the organization as a whole (Afndy, 2013). Experience taught person to be more knowledgeable, more skilled and know how to handle the situation. In the certain cases, an experience project manager may different from the new project manager as he or she quick and well in solving the problem.
The experience project manager can bring confidence to the client satisfaction. Pheng and Chuan (2005) stated that experience is correlated to the confidence and it is important for one to react on unexpected circumstances and carry out the tasks without uncertainty. The article by Mbachu and Nkando (2007) mentioned that person with high experience and qualifications can assist others towards professional and successful project performance. The high experience of project manager with high confidence certainly will bring a good
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