George Vossos: Role Of Project Manager

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Following the sharing of Dr George Vossos, the one who is a project management and software industry professional with over 20 years’ experience. George has taken many different roles form program directors to chief technology officer. He was also working for IBM Australia, Quest Software Inc. or Telstra Australia. The main point of George that is about the important of project management and the role of project manager which involve into the successful of any business nowadays. This report aims to clarify the role of project manager and project manager as well in business. It is included understanding the project management process, main concepts of project management and role of project manager.

First, “Project management is the application
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The control stage also begins necessary and need to continuously monitoring form here. The role of project manager is very important to help their team keep track on the activities, solving problems that occur to ensure the performance and progress. For instance, project manager will supervise their staffs, provide the necessary tools and resources for activities. Project manager also will review the performance of the project at the current position and notify stakeholders to take adjustments if there is a change (Miller, 2018).Closure stage, before closing out the project, project manager and team members need to review performance and compare the achievement goals to initial targets. If all the targets are met then the project manager will gather and finalize all results of the project and delivery all document for higher…show more content…
The responsibility of project manager is how to deal with resource, people and systems to deliver the end products within the budget and deadline allowed. The project manager is required to have skills such as planning, negotiating, communication, leadership, problem solving. Especially, the project manager must be adaptive to new circumstances by gaining form experience that is measured form the number of projects previously managed and a responsible index. “The responsibility index indicates whether the value of actual project is lower, higher, or equal with the value of previous project. “ (Couillard, 1995). The adaptive project manager can feel and recognize the unusual things from the initial stages. Throughout the implementation period, implicit risks always be there even in the perfection plans but the flexible project manager with the good skills and solid knowledge will be really to take risks and limited the bad consequences.
There are the activities a project manager must do but the way to process it belong to ability and method of each project manager. The opinion of Dr George is the success of project manager depends greatly on how well the team is
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