Project Pie Case Study

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Andrea Dee
Cesd Monsada
Alyanna Ng
Daphne Siy
Mareanne Pelletero
QMT 12 A

A Study on the Buying Behavior of Project Pie, Eastwood Consumers

I. Introduction With most restaurants having pizza in their menus and only offering them in mostly tomato-based or cheese-based flavors, James Markham wanted to offer a different kind of experience when it comes to pizza. Thus, James Markham pioneered the artisan-inspired, customized pizza concept and built Project Pie, with its first store established in Carlsbad, Southern California. Project Pie gives its consumers the luxury to customize their own pizza and add as many toppings as they want, with 29 toppings to choose from, at a fixed price (Pulumbarit, 2013). As Project Pie began to expand in the United States, James Markham went to canvass the Asian Market and wanted to do business in the Philippines after the success of introducing Project Pie to China. Markham met with Leo Prieto, Jr., the one who also manages Shakey’s Pizza Philippines, and gave him the rights to also handle the Project Pie franchise in the country (Hidalgo, 2013).

Project Pie has already 11 branches in the Philippines and this study would focus on the consumers of the Eastwood branch only. The researchers chose Project Pie for this study as it has a unique concept compared to other establishments. The researchers thought it was interesting to find out what kind of consumers Project Pie attracts and their behavior when it comes to buying and customizing

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