Project: Project Management In Automotive Sector

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The project entitled ‘Project Management in Automotive Sector’ deals with the study of current management practices used in this sector. This includes the study of all the processes, methods and challenges faced by an automotive company. This study aims at finding the gap between the current management practices used and the global management standards.

Our project is being carried out by a team of three members and each one is working on one of the three departments, namely, procurement department, NPI (New Product Introduction) department and Design department of the automotive sector. As a member of this project, I am currently working on the procurement department of the automotive sector. The deliverables of the project are reports made
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Study the automotive sector thoroughly.
2. Get an in-depth knowledge about OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), Tier 1 and Tier 2 Suppliers and understand their working procedures, processes, methodologies, practices and the challenges faced by them.
3. Identify the business problems faced by the Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies and provide an appropriate solution for that.
4. Study about the global operating standards and deploy them in the areas of application.

By working on this project I get to learn the standards of project management and get an in-depth understanding of each phase of a project life cycle. The goal of the project is to create business models in order to imrpove the management practices in the automotive sector. Its objective is to deliver new or existing practices, systems or services according to the Business or ICT strategies. The proposed methodology for this study is Project Management. It deals with the application of project management standards in carrying out projects in different sectors.
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Arience Foundation is a social non- profit organization that helps MSME enterprises, rural cooperatives and various social sectors in carrying out their businesses and solving their business problems. It involves rigorous study of these social projects and deployment of global operating standards in the fields of application.

The different types of projects that Arience Foundation deals with are:

1. ARF : Arience Research Foundation. Management Research has two parts : a research part and an application part. Research part refers to the field where a thorough study and research is done before help is provided to other organizations. The application part refers to localizing the global knowledge and standards and applying them to the areas of the social sector projects.
2. PMO setup : The project management office set up requires IT support and also includes a dashboard which tracks the status of different projects. It monitors all the other

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