Project Proposal On Flood Management

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BACHELOR OF NUTRITION & DIETETICS (HONS) FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES HPY590 PROJECT UNDERSTANDING THE RISK FACTOR FACED BY CHILDREN DURING FLOOD DISASTER AT BERA, PAHANG MAIN SUPERVISOR DR NORAZMIR BIN MD NOR RESEARCH PROPOSAL PREPARED BY: NUR FARAHIM BINTI ABDULLAH JUNE 2015 Title of Proposed Research Project Understanding The Risk Factor Faced By Children During Flood Disaster At Bera, Pahang Keywords Risk Factor, Children, Flood Disaster, Food Security, Nutritional Status Location of Research The location of the research is located in Bera, Pahang. The location selected is among most affected flood area during last year flood disaster in Pahang. The selected areas include several villages in the rural area in the Bera district. Most of the selected areas are associated with permanent damage of livelihoods assets for example financial assets and natural assets. Figure 1: The district of Bera, Pahang Figure 2: The location of the selected flood area in Bera Executive Summary of Research Proposal This livelihood approach study is to assess food security in emergencies especially in children during the flood disaster. A livelihood approach simply means emergency programming aimed at secondary livelihood and also saving lives. In relations of food-security assessment, a livelihoods methodology consist of evaluating the longer-term threats to livelihoods, as well as in a short time nutritional of severe risks that may occurred in children. By assessing the

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