Project Semicolon: The Cause Of Depression

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Depression is not merely feeling sad, or moody, but it is a serious mental disorder that affects a lot of people and requires treatment. It is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States that is caused by a combination of environmental, genetic, biological, and psychological factors. Moreover, depression is a debilitating disorder that affects a person’s daily life, including work, school, sleep, and diet that is usually treated with psychotherapy, medications, or both. Depression is of special interest to me because I am one of the people affected by this disease. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and anxiety about two years ago, but it took me a long time to seek help before I did. I would like to advocate for…show more content…
This movement is centered around the theme of the semicolon that is used when a writer chooses to continue a sentence instead of ending it. It brings hope to people by telling them to believe that this point in their lives does not have to be the end, but they can continue it with a fresh start just as a semicolon is used to continue a sentence by a writer. The target audience of this movement is for people who struggle or have struggled with depression They share their message by posting stories of different people and their experiences on their social media. In addition, their message is also being spread through their icon the semicolon. People have been getting tattoos and posting pictures of a semicolon as a personal symbol of hope which in turn helps spread the message and make the project semicolon known. The way that they are sharing their message is similar to mine in that they utilize people’s stories to convey the message of hope. This is what I would do in a campaign because I believe that it is a way to make a broad idea or illness more personal because the stories are from real people that one can relate to especially if they struggle with the same illness. The message that they are trying to spread is a message of hope that I would personally like to receive. Hearing about other people who are struggling with this same illness, and how they have overcome these difficult times would be encouraging because it would show me that these people didn’t give up and so can I. Additionally, I would also be comforted by the fact that I’m not alone in this fight and that there are so many other people fighting it as
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