How The Mass And Angle Change The Range Of Projectile Results

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Aim: The aim of this experiment is to complete an investigation on focusing how a single factor will change the range of a projectile. The whole purposes initiates around focusing what the properties of a projectile motion are, referring to speed being able to be calculated from the stated range. Throughout the lab, the main focus had been to evaluate and understand what exactly can affect the range of a projectile launcher, this refers to the mass being the focus of this experiment as three balls of different weights had been used and launched from a high elevation to a lower elevation in order to understand how mass and launching angles can affect the certain range of the balls used. In order to fulfill the aim of this investigation, measurements have to be clearly and constantly stated to figure out how the mass and angle affects the speed of the objects. Hypothesis: Throughout the experiment the main aim concludes around focusing throughout the stated range from a variety of objects being launched from a projectile launcher and being…show more content…
Set up the projectile launcher, preferably throughout a lot of space. 2. Measure the mass of the basketball, softball and tennis ball using a weighing scale and record the data in your book 3. Use the 1 meter ruler to measure 8 meters accurately from the tip of the launcher, mark ½ meters to allow results to be easily stated and more precise. 4. Place the object precisely at the top of the projectile launcher, at 10 inches height and allow the object to properly glide down the slope until it is brought to a stop. 5. Use the stopwatch to calculate the time taken from the top of the launcher until it is brought to a full stop. 6. Complete the steps for all three objects and state the measurements into the notebook. 7. Use the horizontal range to calculate he speed: distance/ time and R=SiT and Vi=R/T to calculate the present

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