Proletarian Hegemony In Kerala Literature Review

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Review The article on the struggle for proletarian hegemony in the freedom struggle in Kerala can be said to be true to its title as it deals with the political battles that took place within the freedom movement. The author presents the article in a simple and easy-to-read language so that the historical facts are not lost in scientific words. The article deals proficiently with the historical facts about the beginning of freedom movement in Kerala. The Kundara declaration by Velu Thampi was indeed a sign of how unsatisfied the royals and the common man were on the foreign rule. The people of Kerala had a legacy of being hospitable to all foreigners who came to establish trade relationships with them. But they always guarded their freedom and their rights and overturned those tried to control them beyond limits. This happened in the case of the Portuguese, Dutch and finally to the British. But the fact that it was the internal clashes among various princely states of Kerala that helped the British to ‘divide and rule’. While the author is quoting the Kundara declaration he strikes the right chord of the freedom movement in Kerala. As the author goes on to establish how the huge wave of national movements against the British remained aloof from Kerala till the home rule movements of 1930’s he is having the facts right. Kerala always remained out of the main frame in the freedom movements even though they started as early as half a century before the ‘first war of

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