Graduation Speech: The Thought Police

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Good morning, distinguished members of the North Korean government, and greetings to you Mr. President. It is my honor and privilege to be standing here today in front of you all, presenting my ideas on how to improve your proletariat control capability. My name is Dr. James Carbon and I am a professor of psychology at Kim Il-sung University. I have been studying human behavior and their way of thinking for twenty years now, and I believe that during this time I have obtained the knowledge required to advise this government on the development and improvement of its ability to dominate its people.
First and foremost, I would advise your government to introduce a new technology: telescreens. Telescreens are a propaganda tool which could be used by the government as an approach to eliminate any rupture that could jeopardize your
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The Thought Police will be in charge of uncovering and punishing thought-crime as well as thought-criminals. It will apply psychological methods and omnipresent surveillance, like telescreens, to uncover and apprehend members of society who challenge your authority and could potentially jeopardize your status quo — even if only by thought. The Thought Police will primarily use ubiquitous inspection to observe each dweller’s actions and look for unorthodox opinions or an inner struggle. Each denizen will live round the clock under infinite auditing: when a Party member talks in his or her sleep, the words will be carefully analyzed. Likewise, they will target and eliminate highly intelligent people, since there is concern that they may come to realize how your leadership exploits them. They will employ terror and torture techniques to achieve their ends. The Thought Police will be an efficient way to regulate the residents of North Korea since; it will be successful at instilling fear within them and keep them in

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