Prologue To The Therapist-Personal Narrative

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“I startled awake, in a pool of my own sweat. I had the same dream again, the one where he took my parents, I can never forget it.” “That is very common in children who have gone through severe trauma at a young age,” replied the therapist. “Ever since that day, I’m just always angry.” “That’s why you are here Devon, you have to talk about your problems, you have to tell me about your feelings. Anyways, that's enough for today,” explained the therapist. I was walking back to the foster house after another useless day of therapy. What do they think, that stupid treatment will make me feel better? Nothing will make me feel better until they catch that criminal. If they don’t find him, he’ll do something else. The next morning while…show more content…
I was off to the tunnels, I headed towards the street. I avoided the baffled citizens looking at a 15-year-old crawling into a sewage tunnel. The rats scattered as I entered, I cringed at the stench of rat droppings and sewage. I followed the passageway until there was a dead end. Suddenly a slimy creature was propelling towards me. The next thing you know I was getting chased by a terrifying serpent. I somehow managed to take out my pocket knife. I jumped up just in time, and I was riding on the snake. I punctured the knife through the snake’s scales so I could have something to hold onto. The snake was advancing so rapidly it could not halt before it smashed into the enclosure. I leapt off the serpent. A sudden fear washed over me, I just stood there, still. A few minutes later when I recovered from that escapade, I tried to find another corridor or passageway. I knew The Lethal Lynx was here, I could feel it. I felt the walls there was nothing behind them. Suddenly, all the light in the tunnel vanished, someone closed the lid of the tunnel. “Help! Help! Someone help, I’m down

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