Prom Night In Mississippi Racism Analysis

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Racism Depicted in “Prom Night in Mississippi”
While we are created differently to embrace the beauty of diversity, our egocentrism takes us outside the path to embracing racism. Racism in my definition is a negative feeling that an individual from another race is inferior due to the abilities, characteristics and the natural outlook that they project. Such feeling then brings about the external manifestation of discrimination, prejudice, and antagonism which comes out as hate, something we call racism. Racism has been fought for a long time more in the United States of America though there are remaining challenges therein. The main issue here is because the United States of America integrates
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The film depicts how Morgan Freeman struggled to effect the change in the lives of the individuals by removing away the segregation boundaries. He offered to stand at the expense of abolishing segregation system and come up with an integrated system of education still there was a lot of resistance. The resistance was mainly coming from the whites. It’s so unfortunate that up to the late years of 1997 the integration was not affected in most parts of the United States including the Charleston, Mississippi, while the film is acted (Goleman,…show more content…
The two individuals overcome this stereotype terming it as one of the notions that belong to several centuries back. The film brings it out clears the perspectives that the whites have that makes them propagate the racism more. One of these aspects that are exposed in the cases of the love between Heather and Jeremy is that the whiles have a feeling that the blacks are inferior just because of their color (Saltzman, 79). The whites’ fears interacting with the black more with the perspective of marriages even after the Supreme Court supported the miscegenation back in the year 1967. The wider view of the society and how someone who mixes with the blacks would be viewed in the eyes of the whites itself makes the individuals keep
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