Prometheus A Hero

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In both ancient and modern mythology, a popular figure that re-emerges throughout is the trickster character that more often than not becomes the culture hero. Culture heroes are remarkably the most influential aspects of myth because of their engagement in aiding humans or explaining how things came to be. Prometheus of early Greek culture is not only regarded as a culture hero but also as the builder and benefactor of humans because of the revolutionary actions he makes that aid mankind. Being a Titan who averted being sent to Tartarus after the Olympian’s victory in the war, Prometheus was given the duty of creating mankind. Therefore, even at the very beginning, he serves a significant purpose for the culture that created him (or that…show more content…
In Hesoid’s Theonogy, Zeus arranges a meeting at Mecone with the mortal man and expects an offering as a sacrifice. Prometheus, in this situation, looking to benefit mankind, arranges the two offerings accordingly so that the Gods will pick the more undesirable one, and the enticing one is left to man. In the words of Hesoid, “When gods and mortal men divided up an ox; Prometheus audaciously set out the portions, trying to deceive the mind of Zeus” (Devinnney/Thury 486). Thus proving once again his helpful function in the story. Unlike the stereotypical trickster myths, Prometheus does not cheat Zeus for fulfillment of his own appetite, but instead directs his actions towards the needs of…show more content…
At this moment, the story’s aetiological function uncovers. Prometheus is outraged by Zeus’ decision to withhold fire and decides to steal it back for humanity. This is the myth’s explanation as to why humans have the ability to handle heat and fire. “The brave son of Iapetos deceived him, and he stole the ray, far-seeing, of unwearied fire, hid in the hollow fennel stalk” (Devinney/Thury 486). Thus granting man with fire, Prometheus becomes a culture hero for mankind. His main function is shown as he becomes not only the builder of civilization but also a revolutionary who resists authority for the favor of humanity. Although many trickster myths have the taking of fire from the Gods, Prometheus is a different trickster compared to the traditional ones because of his selflessness and his desire to help man rather than

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