Prometheus And Io In Greek Mythology

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Mythology is what makes every culture. These myths can be used to educated young minds about important life lessons. One of the most famous myths came from the Greeks. They used gods and goddesses to explain specific occurrences in nature, sand also give those life lessons. The myth of Prometheus and Io in greek mythology is significant to always look towards the future, and good will always overcome bad eventually. In the myth of Prometheus and Io, the characters crosspaths with each other. This happens completely accidental, and Prometheus is able to recognize her in cow form. She explains how Zeus had treated her, which ended up making Hera jealous. One day, Io is turned into a cow by Zeus to protect her from Hera’s wrath. Hera was suspicious…show more content…
Many people worry about what is occurring now, because it is the worst for them. Little do they know, however, that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Prometheus was a titan god whom helped the Olympians during the Titan War. He helped create man during the time. Prometheus ended up loving humanity that when Zeus took away fire, he actually got it back for them. Sadly, Prometheus was punished by Zeus for this act. He was chained to a rock, where an eagle would come and eat his liver every time it grew back. He would not be freed unless a god was willing to die for him, or someone kills the eagle and unchains him. Prometheus saw that as hope and continued to wait until the day came of his release.”Eventually, Chiron the Centaur agreed to die from him and Heracles killed the eagle and unbound him” (“Mythology: Prometheus”). All in all, the Greek myth of Prometheus and Io teaches the listener that good will always come, and to always look towards the future. By considering these morals, the listener can apply these during their own hardships . As humans we always look for hope and a message during these unfortunate times. This story just might be that message we look for. Who else is it better to learn from than the man who saved man-kind out of love,
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