Prometheus And The Gift To Man Analysis

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In many Greek myths, the hero of the narrative is called upon to demonstrate courageous acts through the various situations and challenges they are faced with in order to create a change of some sort, thus proving a correlation between courage and change. In Peter R. Stillman’s Introduction to Myth, it states that heroes must have some sort of advantage, such as possessing honorable qualities, one of them being courage; the mental or moral strength to persevere in face danger or pain. Change is the act or instance of making or becoming different. This is shown in the myth Prometheus and his Gift to Man, as Prometheus demonstrates great courage by blatantly defying Zeus by stealing fire from him and thus forever changing mankind. Prometheus’ terror is clearly shown at the thought of stealing fire from the gods, as he knows the punishment will be severe (page 20, The Book Of Myths by Amy Cruse), but he pilfers it anyways because he knows that it will greatly benefit the human race. Even when Zeus sentences Prometheus to unending agony, he stands fearlessly, accepting his destiny (page 25, The Book Of Myths). Zeus was the king of all the Greek gods and the supreme ruler of the world, and to…show more content…
Jason, tasked with the duty of stealing the golden fleece in order to take back his rightful throne, not only has to defeat the fire breathing bronze-hoofed bulls and the army of men who guard it, but also must face the dangers (Talus, harpies, sirens, etc) of simply getting to the island of Colchis where the fleece is kept. Even though the whole quest itself was a near impossible task and death or injury was certain, Jason and his crew still go out on a limb and gather up the courage to face peril, and persevere through all the hardships they encounter. Yet another example of a hero with courage in Greek
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