Prometheus Persuasive Letter

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To our respected leader and my father Zeus, I, Artemis, am writing to address you about the torture of Prometheus. I am aware that as a Goddess, it is not my place to interrupt in such a war; however, I believe that Prometheus is facing unjust consequences. As your concerned daughter and citizen of Mount Olympus, I would like to express my worries and beliefs on this situation. I hope that by the end of this letter, we can come to a resolution that better fits the needs of Gods, Goddesses, mankind, as well as Prometheus. I am aware that Prometheus stole our darkest and perhaps our biggest secret, just to give it to mankind. It’s possible he felt sorry or pity for those men. But, I will side with you when I say, stealthily running off with Hephaestus’ fire was not the answer. Neither was it his place to give a God’s creation away nor did he discuss it with any of the Gods or Goddesses. He blatantly disobeyed you and Hephaestus, which was the wrong move to make. Although, none of us considered why he would feel sympathy for all those men. I gather he had felt this way because he had created them, he had regret seeing them in pain. But, that’s also where all of us, as the highest level of…show more content…
As the leader of us, it was a great move to show authority by giving a punishment. This not only showed who was in charge but also told to never cross you, for it is wrong. Nevertheless, for a crime to have good intentions, I believe if you had just given him a small, but powerful judgment, Prometheus would’ve understood that he shouldn’t continue to abruptly make decisions. In conclusion, I hope you have realized the decisions we all made weren’t the wisest and we could’ve done a lot more for mankind. Even though, I know I, as a Goddess, should not be interfering with this kind of situation I believe it would better our living situation if you would take any one of these ideas into
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