Who Is Responsible In Frankenstein

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Prometheus the Friend of Man and Frankenstein The idea of creating life should be above us, right? What if I told you regular human beings like you and me, accomplished this? Whether their creations benefited or hurt humanity, the importance of this is what responsibility the creators took over the resulting consequences. Although these stories are fiction, there is much to learn from them. Introducing something made by oneself takes as much responsibility as purchasing a new pet. When creating new technology people have the responsibility of nurturing it, feeding it, and caring for it to become something you would like it to be. They have the responsibility of how and what they produce. In Frankenstein, Dr.Frankenstein’s creation acts out savagely as a result to his rejection. His creation murders a few, all to which the Doctor holds no account of. When creating new technology, the creator holds most of the responsibility over it. But when this new technology has the knowledge from right and wrong, the ability to feel, think, and speak for himself, the only responsible is himself. “Make me happy and I shall again be…show more content…
Although their story’s and punishments were distinct, they both suffered greatly. Frankenstein is punished by losing the people he loves at the hands of his creation, due to his prior neglection . Prometheus is punished by having his liver eaten out by a vulture everyday and have it grown back during the night for an eternity by Zeus. Their punishments are diverse as their stories and intentions for creating what they did. Frankenstein is portrayed as a bad creator, leaving his creation to stray. Frankenstein’s intentions were selfish, he was lonely and seeked to find a way out of it. Whereas Prometheus intentions held no benefit to him. Both of these creators had the responsibility to care and teach their creations to make it morally and ethically
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