Prometheus's Counterpart In The Christian Faith

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11. Prometheus’s counterpart in the Christian faith is Jesus Christ because they both betrayed someone close to them in order to defend mankind. Prometheus was given instructions from Zeus to create mankind, however, Prometheus did not agree with him. Prometheus decided to make humans superior to animals by giving them fire for protection and making man stand upright just the like gods did. These acts of kindness angered Zeus so ties Prometheus to a rock in the Cascade Mountains. Similar to Prometheus, Jesus was crucified for trying to save mankind by spreading new ideas. Jesus had founded Christianity and was trying to spread his ideas as a new way of life for the people. However, this made the Gospels upset because Jesus had betrayed their…show more content…
The common theme of all the flower myths is love because in all of the myths, the people that became flowers adored at least one person. For example, in the story of Narcissus, Echo loved Narcissus and when her time came, Narcissus paid no attention to her. Nemesis then punishes Narcissus by making him fall in love with himself. Narcissus dies looking for his reflection in the pond and a flower grow in his place. This myth shows that neither of their loves where real. Narcissus loved a reflection and Echo loved someone that didn’t love her back. Another example, is when Apollo kills someone he thought of as a friend, Hyacinthus by accident. Feeling regretful for his mistake, he creates a flower to represent his care and devotion toward his companion. Finally, another flower myth that represents love is the story of Adonis. Adonis was kidded for his own errors and every year Greek girls mourned for him. Aphrodite loved Adonis, but Persephone loved him too and refused to give him up. Aphrodite tried everything she could but there was nothing she could do to get him back. As Adonis died, each drop of blood created a flower called the crimson. This myth portrays Aphrodite and Persephone’s dispute in order to win Adonis’ love. As a result, all of these stories show that the love that was portrayed to the person that died still remains in the flower that was
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