Prometheus's Story: The Holocaust

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At the attack of The Darkness the gods of Olympus contemplated retaliation. “How can we save the human-kind?” Epimetheus asked clearly concerned, yet ready to enter battle against the darkness. “The darkness has claimed the people. The curse cannot be broken.” Prometheus’s face remained like a stone as if he was unconcerned with the situation. The mention of the Darkness drew out the worst in him. “There has to be something we can do.” “There is no hope for human-kind!” Prometheus shouted as his face reddened. “I equipped them with light, yet they still allow the darkness in. ” “Is your heart of stone? How can you say that?” Atlas listened intently as his brothers bickered. The incident replayed over and over again as he sat pondering about what to do. “Enough!” He rose to his feet. His shout echoed across the atmosphere. Epimetheus turned to look at his brother with begging eyes. Prometheus’s fiery rage grew. “For the love of gods, keep quiet, Atlas! This is none of your concern. Why must you…show more content…
You have to help me, Epi, despite what Prometheus thinks. He-“ Atlas was cut short as Epimetheus interrupted him. “He has a heart of stone that cannot be penetrated. I spit at the very ground he treads upon.” Atlas remained quiet as he went over every possibility in his mind. Epimetheus spoke once more, “I can turn back time! We’ve done it before when Odysseus failed to elude the Cyclopes. It took him two tries before he could outwit the dumb creature!” Atlas remained calm as he spoke this, but his soul burned within him. “No. He was right. Prometheus was correct when he stated that the evil could not be undone. What happened has to take place, but...” “But it can be delayed,” his brother finished for him. Atlas and Epimetheus stared at each other and nodded. Both seemed to reach an unspoken agreement. Realizing this, Prometheus roared. His temper no longer
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