Promoting Healthy Lifestyles For Children Essay

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-Analyse the importance of health and well-being for babies and children

Healthy physical development usually progresses through crawling, walking and climbing skills that are essen-tial for children to develop mobility, coordination and balance. Ill health can delay these skills, impacting on children's ability to explore the world around them, wing affecting their cognitive and language development and their levels and rate of achievement. Recognising health or developmental delay is critical. It ensures that, if necessary, specialist intervention is put into place early, reducing the impact on children's overall develop-ment Children who are unhealthy may be less likely to follow normal patterns of emotional development, which includes the development of self-esteem and self actualisation Poor health can affect the building of relation-ships between parent ing and child, and how the child feels about themselves Children who are ill are likely to be more reliant on parents and others, resulting in a lack of confidence and independence.

-Describe ways of promoting healthy lifestyles for babies and children

Promoting healthy lifestyles Promoting a healthy lifestyle for and children nvolves working in partnership with colleagues, the child and their family. Policies and procedures in your setting will
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Germs that cause illness spread rapidly in e childhood settings. You must follow effective hygiene procedures to eliminate or reduce the sources of infection.

Preventing the spread of infection
You can do a lot to help prevent or reduce the spread infection. Three key ways are: personal hygiene effective cleaning routines immunisation. One of the main ways to prevent infection is regular and thorough hand wash-ing. You should wash hands fter using the toilet, after sneezing or blowing your ose, preparing and serving food and always before nd after carrying out care
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