Customer Driven Marketing Strategy

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I. Customer Driven Marketing Strategy:
1) Segmentation:
Market segmentation gives us an advantage and techniques to attract the customers we want to target. The primary objective of segmentation is to reduce the risk in deciding where, when, how, and to whom a product, service, and brand will be marketed. Therefore, we are dividing a market into smaller groups with distinct needs, characteristics, and behavior that might require separate marketing strategies. Segmentation will be developed on four main principles: demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral.

a) Demographics
As business owners, we first want to gather demographic information to be able to compose a business plan and use it to start-up a guide in launching our
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Getting uphold of all this information is crucial since this will help us determine where to open our business or where to distribute it or expanding into new areas.

Since we are just starting up our business, we want to target the main metropolitan locations in France. We want to distribute our product lines in the seven major cities in France, since many people tend to live there and have many tourists visiting these cities. The seven cities include: Lille, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse, Boudreaux, Marseille, and Paris. Within these cities, we want to distribute in chocolatier shops, all major supermarkets, duty free locations, and at airport shops. Selling it in supermarkets, such as Carrefour and Monoprix, would give us an advantage since they are the leading retailers in Europe and second largest retailer in the world. If our product is successful in these supermarkets, we have a higher possibility to get our product known and make huge profits from our products. This way, our product will be accessible to the consumers we want to
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a) Product Differentiation
Our chocolate bar is not like other bars found anywhere. We have three lines of chocolates: Energy, Digestion, and Relaxation. Each of these lines contains high quality dark chocolate with different herbs that provide health benefit for each of our categories.

b) Service Differentiation
As for service, we are not offering everywhere. We first want to offer it in the main 7 cities of France and see how it goes. We do not want to make it available to just everyone since it’s high quality.

c) People Differentiation
Since we are targeting, young adults to 55 years old, we are trying to make this age group more aware of the health benefits we are providing. We choose these three lines of chocolate since this age group tends to use lots of energy daily, have lots of stress, and some tend not to watch what they eat.

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