Promotion Mix Analysis

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1. The ‘Promotion’ element of marketing mix is undertaking the activities to communicate with the customers and distribution channels for boosting sales of a firm. It generally aims at persuading the customers to buy the products by demonstrating the merits of the same over other products. Promotion mix refers to all the decisions taken related to the promotion of the products and services. Here, a newly launched ice cream brand “Yummy” is to be promoted in the Indian Market. There are various elements of promotion mix which can be adopted to carry on the promotional activities. The following are the major elements of promotion mix:

Advertisement is a paid form of impersonal communication with the idea
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(iv) Expressive: Advertising can help in converting information about the products dramatically by adding various elements to it like colors, pictures, music and also multimedia effects.

Demerits of Advertising:

(i) Impersonal communication: Advertising is an impersonal form of communication as there is no direct contact between the marketer and customers. This does not provide the opportunity to persuade the customers personally to buy the products.

(ii) Less effective: There is only one way communication in advertising. Customer’s doubts regarding the products cannot be addressed as there is no two way communication.

(iii) Complexities w.r.t. the choice of media: The effectiveness of advertising depends a great deal on the choice of media selected. If the selection of media is inappropriate, how good the advertisement is, it will not reach the target customers and serve any purpose.

(iv) Lack of Feedback: The effectiveness of advertisement cannot be evaluated as there is no immediate feedback available from the
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There are various merits and demerits of advertising.

Merits of Sales Promotion:

(i) Attraction: The offers/ incentives/ discounts offered in sales promotion attract the attention of people.

(ii) Helpful in new product launch: It is useful while launching a new product in the market.

(iii) Assists other promotional techniques: It makes other promotional techniques for effective.

Merits of Sales Promotion:

(i) Spoils product image: It can spoil image of the products as customers may feel that the products are of inferior quality that is why offered at discounts or low prices.

(ii) Reflect predicament: Offering sales promotion techniques again and again indicates that there is no demand of the product which can create a crisis situation.

 Personal Selling:
Personal selling involves face to face interaction between the buyer and seller for the purpose of sale. This does not mean getting the prospects to desire what the seller wants, but is also focused on customer satisfaction.

Features of personal
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