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Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Antilocapridae
Species: Antilocapra americana

Scientific name meaning: American Goat-Antelope

Range: Canada, Mexico, and the United States

Habitat: “The pronghorn live in grasslands, brushlands, and deserts.”

Description: The pronghorn has a deer-like body. It weighs between 90 and 120 pounds and stands about 31/2 feet tall from shoulder to feet. It has a tan to a reddish brown body. Its cheeks, belly, rump, chest and inner legs are white. Males have a broad black mask that runs from their eyes down their snout to their nose, black neck patches and pronged black horns that are 12-20 inches long. The male 's horns are lyre-shaped and curve in towards each other. The female does not have the black markings and her horns are usually straight, short spikes between 3-4 inches long. The pronghorn has horns, not antlers. Its horns are made of two parts: a bony core that is covered by a sheath made of a stiff hair-like material. It 's the only animal that has branched horns and that sheds its horns each year. The outer sheath then grows back during the summertime.
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Diet: In the summer, the pronghorn grazes on grasses, forbs, and cactus. In the winter, the pronghorn will eat sagebrush and other available plants.

Pronghorn Predators: Coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, golden eagles, and wild dogs

Interesting Facts:

-The pronghorn is the fastest mammal in the world!

-They have great eyesight, they can pick up movement from 3 miles away

-Fawns weigh 2-4 kg at birth (5-9 pounds)

-Pronghorns are not leapers, i.e. If there was a fence, they wouldn’t jump over it, they would most likely climb under

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