Pronunciation And Pronunciation In Vietnam

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I. Introduction
In this age of technology and globalization, English has been an essential key for everyone in order to learn, work, communicate and succeed. It’s not an exception in Viet Nam. However, it seems that the educational system and students in Viet Nam are not fully aware of its importance, especially speaking and listening in general and pronunciation in particular.
Due to the fact that vocabulary and grammar focus is so popular in teaching and learning English in Vietnam, many Vietnamese learners of English fail to use English in communicating even after years of studying English in secondary school, high school and even university due to shyness and fear of speaking. A lot of students have many difficulties in pronunciation and
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It seems undeniable that pronunciation play a vital role in achieving that purpose. A research done by Fraser (2000a) stated that pronunciation is considered to be the most important among other sub-skills such as vocabulary, grammar, and pragmatics in order to be able to speak English. Naturally, speaking comes after listening, and they are together considered to be the most important skills in daily life. According to Hinofitis and Baily (1980, pp.124-125), it is not the vocabulary or grammar that impairs the process of communication in EFL/ESL learners, up to a certain proficiency standard, but it is pronunciation. However, the fact is that the education system of our country seem to be focusing too much on vocabulary and grammar. Therefore, a wide range of vocabulary and knowledge of grammar rules is considered to be the most crucial to study by many learners. As a result, their bad pronunciation leads to negative impression, misunderstanding and ineffective…show more content…
In particular, 6 freshmen, 7 sophomores, 10 juniors and 13 seniors participated in the present study. These participants were selected for the following reasons:
1.a It is helpful to have an overview of this situation when English majored students in all four years are participants instead of just using the information third or final year students.
1.b The participation of students from the first year to the last year can reflect the differences in their perception on pronunciation.
1.c The undergraduate students in Faculty of Foreign Languages have been studying English for at least 6 years and they are in the position to be an English teacher very soon, which assure the participants have a certain level of English, a certain love to English and more specific purposes and requirement in English, so they are most appropriate subjects for this study.
2. Instrument
In order to collect a large amount of data within a short time and save effort, the present study employed an online self-administered questionnaire provided by google form to gather

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