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English is the most spoken native language in the world, and regarding its real number of speakers, it is globally the most spoken official language, and it is the primary language used in any international affairs.The English language is officially accepted even in those nations or countries where it is not primarily being used as spoken language. It is indisputably the primary language of global trade and commerce.
The teaching of pronunciation has faced drastic change over the history of English language teaching and learning. It was one of the most neglected aspects in English, and it has got more attention with the past half of the twentieth century with the invention of audio-lingual devices. Throughout history, teachers and linguists have attempted to overcome the difficulty of teaching this skill. In this respect, they have tried to develop various methods and techniques with other related sub-disciplines such as phonetics, phonology, and second language acquisition among others.
Pronunciation is generally defined as “the manner in which speech sounds, especially connected sequences are articulated by individual speakers or by speakers generally” (Trask, 1996, p. 21). Taking it to consideration, pronunciation is closely linked to the study of phonetics which involves the scientific study and description of speech sounds. According to Pennington & Richards (1986), pronunciation can be defined as “articulation of individual sounds and, to a lesser extent, with

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