Proofreadi Proofreading A Critical Thinking Process

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Critical thinking is analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating, and thinking logically like thinking something through before you do it. Reading and writing help with critical thinking, because it helps you navigate how to get to the solution of the problem you are having. In writing, you have to go through all these steps to get a good paper like brainstorming, rough draft, and proofreading so while you are doing all these steps your brain is putting everything together so in the end you come out with a great paper. In brainstorming, you are thinking of all these ideas and connecting them so you can come up with your two thesis statements, argument, introduction, hook and a conclusion. A rough drafted is taking your ideas and making them into a body paragraph and writing about your topic.…show more content…
When doing these steps you have done all the steps needed for critical thinking and this is how reading and writing are very important in helping you become better at critical thinking. Critical thinking is a good skill to have because it can help you think about the outcome of an idea and not just doing whatever pops into your head to do. Most people start using critical thinking when they 're older because they have learned from there previse ideas that didn’t go so well so by making the mistakes of not going throw all the steps they know now to always think you options through and not just skip ever thing and go right to the
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