Propaganda And Doublethink In George Orwell's 1984

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A tragedy struck the United States on September 1, 200l also known as 9/11. 2,996 innocent victims perished in the attack. Thus, the peace we once knew ended, and the War on Terror began. This “war” has continued for 15 years, 7 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days. This unfortunate fact of never ending war is presented in the novel 1984 by George Orwell through Big Brother’s use of propaganda and Doublethink. In the book, there’s a global war that seemingly on going though there is no true enemy; in fact there is no war at all. Big Brother uses this fictitious endless war to keep control over the citizens of Oceania. Today we have the War on Terror, an undeclared war “declared” by President George Bush, continued by President Obama, and now Donald…show more content…
He wants American citizens to trust that he will “end” the war, but in reality he is generating the continuation of massive warfare. This helps his maintain his “image” of great leader and “loyalty” to his people because we all want a authority figure who will promote devotion, patriotism, and sacrifice for their country. Like Big Brother, Donald Trump is “conscious of the complete truth while telling carefully constructed lies” that will lead him to have great control over everything. However there is terrorism but there is never real war , and Donald Trump can not be held responsible for something that he simply didn’t start. The War on Terror started a long time ago even before he became the “brilliant” leader of our country. He could only be accountable for trying to make America “great” again. But if all of this is true, why not end terrorism or even the so called war? Why fight fire with fire? Evidently all he wants is to prove that he has power, he can order at any moment when to blow up any country to pieces and we would all go down with him. As president he should be protecting his people and taking care of his
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