Propaganda During The Vietnam War

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Propaganda In Society
“A widely held belief is that propaganda is a cancer on the body politic, which manipulates our thoughts and actions and should be avoided at all costs” (Welch 1). This quote is showing how the are good things going on and people are not seeing the bad things happening at the same time. Propaganda is a persuasion technique that has been used during a time of war as a way to persuade young men to join the war efforts. During the time of the Civil War many men and boys joined the war to help out with fighting. Some of the people who joined the war, joined because they only saw the glorious side through the use of propaganda, and were not exposed to the realities of war. During the Gulf War propaganda was used to try to
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Propaganda was used by the government to persuade men and boys to join the wars, as seen in The Red Badge of Courage when the governments uses tactics such as persuasion to convince men to enlist in the Civil War. Although propaganda was seen by some people as a positive tactic used during war, many people caught on quickly by seeing the truth behind propaganda. Many people had seen that joining the war is not a good choice after they joined. For example “The advance of the enemy had seemed to the youth like a ruthless hunting. He began to fume with rage and exasperation” (Crane 90). Boys and men joined the war because they thought it would be fun because propaganda made it out to be like it was fun and not bad at all. When the boys and men joined they figured out propaganda was wrong and it was not always true. Propaganda has been used for many years to convince the society about why they should conduct a certain task. . “Since the twentieth century, propaganda has largely had pejorative associations. The term continues to imply something sinister; synonyms for propaganda frequently include lies, falsehood, deceit, and brainwashing” (Gottesman, Brown 1). Propaganda was used to tell people certain aspects of the war that was not always true because propaganda included lies and falsehood. Propaganda also taught people not always to listen to what the government says, because the outcome is not always what the government say. Propaganda was used by the people of the war to get people to join, even though it was not always true because the government wants them to think a certain
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